If you are seeking for a peaceful natural place in Istanbul, you should definitely visit Gulhane Park with its large green area covered by trees, flowers, water fontana, footpaths and two great attractions: Museum of The History of Science and Technology in Islam and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar Library. It is also very close to Topkapi Palace by walking.
In the park, there are the Column of The Goths and Roman marble pillar dated back to the 4th Century AD. In the past, there were a zoo and a fun fair, however due to the renovations it went through, it took its current shape.
Served as an outer garden of Topkapi Palace for centuries, Gulhane Park has beautiful flowers, especially if you visit the park in Tulip Festival in April, you can see beautiful tulips planted on the walk way of Sultan’s family and you can be impressed by this scene.
Moreover, you can see Alay Köşkü which was built within palace walls to enable Sultans watch military processions outside. Later, it has become a library.
Gulhane Park is a lovely place that you can enjoy the natural atmosphere and relax. There are benches to sit on under the trees, you can also lay down on the grass. Imagine how beautiful the scene of brown and yellow leaves coming down trees in autumn would be!
You can also find a cafe belonging to Istanbul Cosmopolitan Municipality in the park. You can have a beverage or meal with convenient prices. The cafe provides an opportunities to sit and have a rest in a lovely atmosphere.
Gulhane Park opens every day at the sunrise and closes at sunset. You can discover Gulhane Park and enjoy its scene for free!
The transportation to Gulhane Park is easy! You can reach there by the tram from Eminonu station and get off in the station named ‘Gulhane Park’.


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