Parks of Istanbul

Istanbul is a. City that combines the dynamic atmosphere of urban life with the natural one – relaxing green spaces you can rest. If you want to escape from the city’s chaotic life for a while, but also do not want to go too far, here are some mesmerizing parks of Istanbul that you can walk, sit on a bench or lay on the grass to rest and get some fresh air.

Especially on sunny days, people of Istanbul like to go to parks, enjoy relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scene as well as rest for a while under trees surrounded by bird calls and magnificent flowers.

Located in Beşiktaş near Yıldız Palace, Yıldız Park is one of those where you can witness a beautiful panorama. In Ottoman era, Yıldız Park was a forest and a special place for hunting. When Sultan Abdulhamid II decided to move to Yıldız Palace from Dolmabahçe, the ground converted into a park. It is now one of the largest parks in Istanbul and a great tourist attraction especially in the summer when flowers bloomed.

From European side, you can take bus to Taksim from Eminönü, and from Taksim you can take a bus to Kabataş then reach Yıldız Park by walk. From Anatolian side, you can directly take ferry to Kabataş from Kadıköy and reach the park by walk.

Ulus Park is another beautiful urban park where you can watch a magnificent panorama of Bosphorus from the top. There is a cafe and restaurant where you can have a rich Turkish breakfast or have a nice meal as well as enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in this place surrounded by trees.

If you want to rest in a peaceful area, you should definitely visit Ulus Park. As it can be crowded on weekends, if you have time, we recommend you to go there on week days, so you can enjoy the natural and peaceful atmosphere with your friends and family.

From European side, you can take bus to Taksim from Eminönü, then take bus to Kuruçeşme and reach park by walk. From Anatolian side, from Kadıköy you can go to Taksim directly by yellow dolmuş, and take bus to Kuruçeşme then walk.

If you have not seen Sultanahmet Park yet, you definitely miss a beautiful scene! Sultanahmet Park is a lovely park located between Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque). It has a large fountain in the middle, and especially when flowers bloom, it provides a spectacular view for its visitors. It is also an excellent place for relaxation. You can sit one of the benches near the fountain and rest. Also you can see the two beautiful landmark of Istanbul there. At nights, th fountain in the park brightens up with a colorful lighting scene. If you like local tastes, there are some points selling traditional ice cream, roasted chestnut, sweet corn, simit and many more. Remember to visit Sultanahmet Park especially on a sunny day to have a great time.

Another urban park in Istanbul is Gezi Park located in Taksim. It is known as the first park built after the establishing of The Republic of Turkey. It is a great place to rest in the heart of the city. Gezi Park is surrounded by hotels, many plazas and shops as well as restaurants and cafes. After the pedestrianization project of Taksim, some of these places have been pulled down.

You can reach Taksim Gezi Park by taking bus or dolmus from Eminönü on European side, or from Anatolian side, you can take yellow dolmuş from Kadıköy to Taksim.

Parks of Istanbul

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