Istanbul has always been a pearl that attracts attention with its spectacular view, admiring history and cosmopolitan culture. Now, in the 21st century, the city has become a metropolitan with its huge population. There live more than 80 million people and so traffic is among the most important issues of the city. Luckily, road transportation is not the only common way that people of Istanbul prefer in everyday life.

As known, the city connects two continents and that’s why it’s so common to take a 15 minutes ferry to get to work from home. If you’re a man of pleasure, while heading towards to the work you can choose to watch Bosphorus view and drink your tea on a beautiful Istanbul morning. Or you may be in hurry and cannot wait the ferry hour, then you can choose to use Marmaray to get to the work. Marmaray is a rail tunnel under the Bosphorus and it is one of the most preferred way of transportation between the two continents because of its speed.
Another important way of transportation in Istanbul is the Metrobus which has its own way and so never gets stuck in traffic, except the times when there is an extraordinary incident over the bridge (since it uses common path with other cars while passing over the bridge). In traffic jam hours, a new Metrobus moves off with full of people in every minute and it becomes so interesting to watch the people rushing towards to the doors of the metrobuses at those times. It just reminds a scene from a film that tells about laborers working in hard conditions, trying to reach their homes at the very end of the day… Thankfully, Metrobus is the fastest way to arrive to the long-waited peaceful bed.

Apart from difficulties of transportation in Istanbul, there are of course various transports that get someone to the history and make them enjoy the journey. When one asks about historical way of transportation in Istanbul, Tünel is the first one comes to the minds of people of Istanbul. Tünel is a historical underground funicular line and has two stations that connect Pera and Galata. What makes it so special is that it is the second oldest urban rail line in the world and still carries thousands of people every day.

In summary, there are many different ways of transportation in Istanbul. You can choose the one that gives you an irresistible pleasure or the one that gets you to your home in the fastest way. It’s your choice, enjoy it!

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